Maintenance of a paintball gun is essential to it functioning correctly. Dirty guns are prone to reduced accuracy and jamming, in more severe cases they may even cause the paintballs to break in the barrel.

In order to clean your gun you’ll need several supplies, most already at your disposal in your home.

  • The schematics for your gun
  • Paper towels
  • Allen keys
  • Pull through cloths
  • Warm water
  • Lubricant as recommended by the manufacturer
  • Q-tips and/or a tooth brush

1. Remove the CO2 of airtank

It’s vital to ensure there is no gas to avoid the risk of misfire. You will need to remove the gas canister and locate the ASA lever, if your gun doesn’t have the ASA lever refer to your manufacturer guidelines with reference to de-gassing.

2. Disassemble the gun

This is where you will want to use your guns schematics. You want to ensure you are dissembling your gun correctly. First remove the hopper then, barrel, bolt, hammer and grip frame. As you carefully disassemble the gun put everything neatly to one side so it’s easy to then reassemble, try to put screws etc. next to the part of the gun they go with.

3. Clean the barrel

Now the gun has been disassembled you can start by cleaning the barrel. Start by pulling a cloth through the barrel, this will assist with cleaning out any paint residue that could lead to inaccuracy etc. Next dampen a paper towel and wipe down the barrel, then dry thoroughly.

4. Clean the body

Refer to your guns instructions as to whether you can run a cloth through your gun, if so then do so. Follow this by using a toothbrush or Q-tip for those hard to reach places, you need to ensure the gun is thoroughly scrubbed and cleaned to prevent jamming. Again dry thoroughly.

5. Clean the grip frame

Do not take apart the trigger, this is very complicated to reassemble, this can the result in damaging your gun. Simply clear out debris using either a Q-tip or toothbrush, dry and inspect for damage.

6. The bolt and hammer

Here you will want to look at anything that may need fixing or replacing. Start by checking the O-rings, a small degree of wear is acceptable anything else indicates replacement. Ensure everything is cleaned and dried thoroughly.

7. Inspect your paintball gun

You want to look over your gun for anything that may need fixing or replacing. Check and double check your O-rings, are they cracked or dry? These play a vital part in keeping your CO2 or Air sealed, without them your guns pretty useless. Check all springs are in good shape and screws. Replace any parts in poor shape, you don’t want your gun breaking on you.

8. Lubricating

Once all parts have been cleaned meticulously begin lubricating parts such as the O-rings which should be lightly coated. Only use paintball oil recommended by the manufacturer, other types of oil may damage the gun.

9. Reassemble

Now your paintball gun has been thoroughly cleaned, the next step is reassembly. Play close attention to the schematics to ensure all the parts are assembled correctly.

Repeat this often to keep your paintball gun in good nick.