Author: Arthur Lyon

How to clean your paintball gun

Maintenance of a paintball gun is essential to it functioning correctly. Dirty guns are prone to reduced accuracy and jamming, in more severe cases they may even cause the paintballs to break in the barrel. In order to clean your gun you’ll need several supplies, most already at your disposal in your home. The schematics for your gun Paper towels Allen keys Pull through cloths Warm water Lubricant as recommended by the manufacturer Q-tips and/or a tooth brush 1. Remove the CO2 of airtank It’s vital to ensure there is no gas to avoid the risk of misfire. You...

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Prevent Your Mask From Fogging

A paintball mask is the most important piece of equipment you can own as a paintball player and should be the first bit of kit you invest in. The mask is designed to keep the players safe during games, they don’t just protect your eyes and face but forehead and ears too. This eliminates the chances of permanent damage such as blindness. Let’s face it some of them look pretty cool so its win win, protection and looking good. There’s nothing more frustrating than a fogged up mask that can limit visibility, plus it’s dangerous too. Players may be...

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The Top Five Paintball Venues In The UK

Here were going to look at the top five paintball venues in the UK. We conducted some market research and came to the conclusion it’s a hard one to call. Paintball sites are all so varied and bring different attributes to the game. It’s often about the players and marshals, that’s what makes a site. Listed below are more “recommendations” than a definitive list of the best sites as voted for by regular paintball players. In no particular order. Skirmish Sherwood (Nottingham) It’s not just the varied arenas the site hosts from Arnheim Bridge which is a recreation of a WW2...

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Paintball Gear Looks

We normally focus on advice and tips for paintball, so this blog post is a little different. Here we have put together a few looks, after all to be the part you surely have to look the part too? So go on check them out, be the envy of others…just try not to have all the gear but no idea. ICE ICE BABY Marker Jersey Goggle Loader  THAT RED AND BLUE Marker Jersey Goggle Loader RAWRRRR! Marker Goggle Loader VIVD Marker Jersey Goggle Loader

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