Author: Arthur Lyon

What You Need To Know About Paintball Barrels

A paintball barrel is the section at the end of your marker which the paint will discharge from. There are various types of barrels available and some may simply be down to personal preference. In this post were going to take a look at what to consider before buying a barrel. Length You can get numerous barrel lengths, these usually range between 8-20 inches, research has shown that 8inches is the pinnacle for accuracy, therefore anything more won’t increase accuracy. The best barrel length is probably around 14icnhes. You can still use longer barrels of 16-20inches, this may be...

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Paintball Strategy and Tactics 101: Beginner Paintball Tips

Paintball is an increasingly popular sport with numerous variations. Whether playing solo or as part of a team, the game relies heavily upon strategy. Military-style tactics are a necessity in the field, but even beginners may play successfully with little or no prior training. By keeping some basic rules and tactics in mind, you will live longer on the field and have a more enjoyable game. Basic Safety and Gameplay Tips Some of the most important tips for any new player are in regards to safety and fair play. These rules make for a fun game and help to...

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